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Graham Polson

Graham Polson

Solicitor Director

Graham graduated from Nottingham University with a Degree in Law.

He qualified as a solicitor and has 40 years experience in criminal law, specialising in criminal advocacy – Representing clients at court and Advising from police station to trial in both Magistrates and Crown Courts.

He is a dedicated solicitor who listens to clients’ grievances and at every point within proceedings provides clear, direct and honest advice.

Throughout his career Graham has successful experience in cases involving murder, manslaughter, serious violence, dishonesty, serious fraud, sexual offences, serious drug offences and Proceeds of Crime Act  proceedings.

He has been awarded the Higher Courts(CriminalAdvocacy)Qualification.

Graham is trusted by those who instruct him , maintaining standards and acting with integrity to attain justice and the best possible outcome for each individual client.