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Motoring Offences

There are a broad range of circumstances covered by motoring laws and if you have been charged with a driving offence you will want to know what happens next and whether you can dispute the charges. Getting the right advice from an experienced criminal defence solicitor can make all the difference between a lengthy driving ban or criminal record and receiving a less severe penalty. We can help with a range of motoring offences, particularly dangerous driving offences under the Road Traffic Act.

Failing the breath test

If the police pull you over and you fail the breath test, you will probably be bailed, with a date being set to appear in court. This means you are currently still entitled to drive. However, it is important that you do not have any other incidents in the meantime.

Drink driving is considered a serious offence with strict penalties. The magistrate who hears the case at the local court will decide the most appropriate penalty in your circumstances. If the police did not follow the correct legal procedure this can result in the charge being dismissed.

Exceeding the speed limit

The speed limit is the absolute maximum speed permitted for a particular road and limits vary depending on the road you are driving on. It is an offence to exceed the speed limit and if caught you will receive a fine and incur penalty points. or be invited to take part in a speed awareness course.

Dangerous driving includes racing, going too fast and driving aggressively and if the excess speed or aggression has resulted in an accident that has caused serious injury to someone or death then the penalties may be up to 14 years imprisonment and an unlimited fine. Pleading mitigating circumstances or a good previous record may help reduce the penalty.

Driving while using a mobile phone

Using a mobile phone or any handheld device while driving is a specific motoring offence and, if caught you will incur penalty points on your licence and receive a fine. If you are a new driver or a repeat offender, you could lose your licence. It may also be considered careless or dangerous driving if you drive while reading a map, attending to the radio or CD player, or lighting a cigarette.

Driving under the influence of drugs

The police can stop a vehicle for any reason. If they ask you to stop, you should always pull over as soon as it is safe to do so. The law gives police the powers to test and arrest any motorist they suspect to be under the influence of drugs. Police officers can test for certain drugs at the roadside and others back at the police station. Even if you have passed the roadside test, you can be arrested if the police consider your driving is impaired by drugs. A conviction for drug driving will result in a criminal conviction and a driving disqualification..

Other motoring offences include:

  • Driving without a driving licence
  • Driving an uninsured vehicle
  • Driving while disqualified
  • Careless or inconsiderate driving
  • Causing death or serious injury by careless or dangerous driving

Being convicted of a serious traffic offence can have a significant adverse impact on your life, so it is important to give yourself the best possible chance in answering the charges. We are experienced criminal defence solicitors and will advise you of your rights and help you to navigate court processes and systems to ensure you are ready for your appearance.

We provide strong advocacy on behalf of all our clients and regularly appear in Magistrates Courts throughout Merseyside and the North West, and can also represent you at any Crown Court. We provide specialist drink and drug driving representation and 24/7 police station callouts.

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