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Peter Mitchell

Peter Mitchell

Solicitor Director

Peter Mitchell has 40 years of experience working within the Criminal Justice System.

He started working as a Court Clerk at Liverpool Magistrates’ Court remaining there for seven years and during that time he qualified as a solicitor.

Following qualification, he was asked to join the Criminal law Dept at one of Liverpool’s most prestigious law firms, Canter Levin and Berg. During his time there he worked out of offices in Kirkby, Skelmersdale and Liverpool.

In 2017 he left, with fellow Directors, Graham Polson and Richard Hughes to set up a dedicated Criminal Practice, Canters Crime Solicitors.

As a result of his extensive experience, Peter has represented clients on all types of criminal offences, from Murder to Motoring Offences. He is known for his thorough preparation no matter the type of case and has appeared for clients throughout England and Wales.

Peter also undertakes Prison Law cases and has appeared at numerous Parole Hearings over the years and has extensive knowledge of the workings of the Prison law system.

He also undertakes Prosecutions for the RSPCA.

In addition, Peter has Higher Rights of Audience which allows him to appear for clients in the Crown Court.

Peter combines his representation of clients with the day to day running of Canters Crime as a Director